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Coinhub Responsible Marketing Policy

Updated: June 2023

Keeping you informed

While some of our texts or emails keep you updated on essential information to do with your account or transactions, additional marketing emails and texts allow you can receive more information about our products and services, support with using a Bitcoin ATM or Bitcoin Teller, important information to keep your financial information secure including potential scams and frauds which all financial products can be a target of, best practices for general information security such as using two factor authentication and keeping passwords safe, as well as updates on the cryptocurrency industry with primary focus on Bitcoin allows you to see how we’re putting our values and ethics into action. You can opt out at any time.

Our pledge to you

We understand that no one wants an overflowing inbox or high number of text messages. To ensure we only send information that is relevant to you, we promise to:

  • Only email you with helpful information that could support your needs. Never email you more than once every two weeks about products.
  • Never email you more than once every two months about the same product.
  • Always make it clear how your personal information (email addresses/telephone numbers) are going to be used, full details can be found in our Privacy Policy.
  • Provide you with marketing information in the following formats: email / post / SMS / telephone.
  • Allow you to change your marketing preferences.
  • If you would like to review and make changes to your current preferences, you can do this by emailing social@coinhubatm.com with subject “Attn: Marketing Preferences” and your request.

    Our commitments

    In addition to our pledge above, we also commit to the following:

    • Informing and educating our customers about all aspects of all our products including clear statement of the amount of Bitcoin to be transfered for any transaction to be accepted. Making sure all customers follow two step verification at the machine so that the customer enters the proper information for their account as well as affirms their number so that they receive their receipt for their safekeeping. Making sure that all customers view potential scams and frauds with affirming their understanding, placed on one of the screens during the early purchase process prior to entering further important self-information, and shown to eliminate or extremely limit cases of individuals entering misrepresented information for wallet ownership.
    • Ensuring that third parties, with whom the data is shared, comply with General Data Protection Regulations and contractual terms for data security. Coinhub works with top tier firms when deciding its partnerships.
    • Providing easy access on our website with both desktop and mobile view to terms and conditions, privacy policy, responsible marketing policy, potential financial risks and scams notice, and cryptocurrency risk disclaimer on the footer of all webpages of coinhubatm.com. 
    • We will provide regular updates on our potential financial risks and scams notice to keep you safe from the important fraud scams to be aware about which all financial products can be subject to. We will also provide links to other notices made available by regulators.
    • We will never ask you to move your money or Bitcoin anywhere.

    Highest $25,000 Daily Limits

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