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FAQs / Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to buy Bitcoin at a Coinhub Bitcoin ATM?

You need:

 1) Mobile Phone to receive SMS verification code

 2) Bitcoin Wallet (can be downloaded on your mobile phone’s APP Store)

 3) Cash

 4) Drivers License (Only required for customers buying or selling $2,000 or more)

Our machines only accept Cash as a payment method. If you would like to purchase cryptocurrency with a Debit/Credit Card, you may make a purchase online and have it completed in minutes by going to coinhubatm.com/buy-online

I do not have a Bitcoin Wallet. What is a Bitcoin Wallet?

Please download a Bitcoin Wallet from the APP Store on your mobile phone.

You may also search on Youtube: How to Download a Bitcoin Wallet on my Phone

A Bitcoin Wallet is an electronic wallet where you store your Bitcoins. The most commonly used wallets are those that are on your phone. You can download a Bitcoin Wallet on your smartphone by going to your Apple or Android APP Store and searching “Bitcoin Wallet”. You may choose a wallet of your choice and this wallet becomes your safekeeping. Only you will have access to it and Coinhub does not have access to your Bitcoin Wallet nor any responsibility for its use. Coinhub does not currently offer Bitcoin Wallets and unfortunately, because Coinhub cannot take resposibility for your Bitcoin Wallet, we cannot give recommendations for which Bitcoin wallet may be the best for you. It is recomended to do your research on which Bitcoin Wallet to use prior to buying Bitcoin from a Coinhub Bitcoin ATM. Coinhub offers low rates for Bitcoin and the highest daily purchase limits!

What are the transaction limits?

Our limit is $25,000 per day!

At $2000 you will be asked to scan your Drivers License. If you would like to purchase more than $3000, you will need to provide a 9 digit Tax ID. Everything is scanned and completed right at the ATM within minutes for a transaction.

What is the fee?

Coinhub Bitcoin ATMs offer the best and fastest Bitcoin purchase experience! You can join our FREE VIP program to instantly receive a 50% OFF fees discount code which you can instantly use at most machines. Our live price will always be listed on the Bitcoin ATM at the time of purchase!

Looking to buy a lot of Bitcoin? Join our FREE VIP program and SAVE 50% off fees. You can join here: coinhubatm.com/VIP

The price per Bitcoin will be listed on the ATM screen during your purchase. The spot price of Bitcoin fluctuates hence the price at the ATM will be the price that you will pay for your Bitcoin if the transaction is completed. Fees at the ATM may change from time to time due to mining fees charged by the blockchain which is out of our control as well as other factors and range from 9.5% to 19.5% depending on the location. Discounts codes are valid for most machines however may not be valid at certain machines. All prices of quotes for transactions are stated on the ATM at the time of making a purchase and are confirmed by you prior to finalizing the transaction with a confirmation click. You may also text us to confirm pricing of agiven machine prior to making a purchase. Coinhub always offers best in class customer support with text, call, and email. Coinhub Bitcoin ATMs allow you to receive Bitcoin instantly with a fast and easy transaction.

Why haven't I received my Bitcoin yet?

When you Buy Bitcoin at a Coinhub Bitcoin ATM, the Bitcoin is sent to you immediately upon purchase at the ATM and the Bitcoins can be seen on the the blockchain being transferred to your wallet.

Depending on the wallet you are using, the wallet may require between 3-6 confirmations before the bitcoin displays in your wallet and is spendable. Each confirmation usually takes on average 10 minutes.

Our customers usually see their Bitcoins arrive with completed confirmations around 45 minutes after purchase depending on the wallet they are using.

However, it can potentially take up to an hour or more for your bitcoin to be deposited in your wallet after you complete your order if your wallet provider requires even more confirmations. Also, the blockchain network sometimes experiences delays that are out of our control.

Coinhub makes sure you receive your Bitcoins immediately! Our support line is always open incase of any questions.

Why do you need my Drivers License?

Coinhub is a registered Money Services Business and must comply with the BSA and USA Patriot Act.

The Law requires that we “know our customer” and are required to collect certain customer information at certain thresholds.

Can I send someone money through the ATM?

No. Coinhub’s Bitcoin ATM is to be used for personal purchase of crypto ONLY. Our company policy only allows customers to have their purchased cryptocurrency be sent directly to a wallet they own and fully control. You would first need to send the Bitcoin from the machine to your wallet. From your wallet, you can send the Bitcoin to whomever you like!

Please be aware that ALL bitcoin transactions are final, meaning that we will not be able to reverse a transaction after you send it. Please be aware of common scams before sending bitcoin.

Can I use cash?

Yes! The machine only accepts cash as payment.

Where is the nearest Bitcoin ATM machine near my location?

Enter your location within our Interactive Map or search by State here: https://www.coinhubatm.com/locations

What are common Bitcoin scams and how can I avoid them?

If the answer to any of the below questions is yes, you are likely being scammed and DO NOT purchase Bitcoin.

IRS/Federal Agency Scam – Is someone calling you claiming to be from the IRS, police, or federal agency claiming that you owe money and must pay with Bitcoin immediately?

Romance Scam – Is a foreign boyfriend you met online asking you to send money? 

Check Scam – Has anyone mailed you a check and asked you to cash it?

Blackmail Scam – Is anyone threatening you and requesting payment in Bitcoin? 

Bill Pay Scam – Has someone told you to pay your electric, IRS, or other bill?


I was just scammed sending someone Bitcoin. What can I do?

1) Report to your local police station and file a police report.

2) If you also provided other personal information to the person you send Bitcoins to, please let the Police know of this in the report. Note the phone number the person called you with and as much information that you can to help out the police investigation. Be calm and try to write down on a blank piece of paper as much as you can remember.

3) Please note that Coinhub does not do investigations and only the police and authorities are able to help with such matters. Make sure to provide them with all the details you can remember!


Additional Steps to Possibly Take:

1) Register a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center: https://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx

2) If you provided other personal information over the phone to the scammers that you sent Bitcoins to (such as your Social Security Number), you may wish to Call All 3 Credit Reporting Agencies to let them know your information was provided to scammers. You may or may not want to freeze your credit or place a one year, seven year, or active-duty fraud alert on your record. Please ask the representatives at these Credit Reporting Agencies directly to ask what you should to do and give a recommendation.




We are sorry to hear one of our customers may have fallen victim to a fraudulent scheme. While Coinhub goes to great lengths to protect our customers from falling victim to fraudulent activity, we cannot possibly detect or prevent all instances of customers sending Bitcoins to an unknown third party who may be seeking to defraud them. Coinhub proactively monitors information published by regulators, law enforcement, and the financial services industry to understand emerging fraudulent schemes targeting customers of financial institutions, and implements measures to protect our customers whenever possible. One such protection includes an on-screen warning about the irreversibility of bitcoin transactions, and warns that requests to send money to a government agency are typical of a known scam: https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/blog/2018/12/fake-calls-about-your-ssn

In addition, it is Coinhub’s policy to provide all transaction records and other account information to a customer upon request, and we actively encourage customers to file a police report in these instances. Since Coinhub is only party to the transaction conducted between Coinhub and our customer, we do not have any information or control over a transaction where the customer sends funds to an unknown third party instead of his or her own bitcoin wallet. If you believe you were victim of a fraudulent scheme, we encourage you to file a police report and register a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (https://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx). Only the authorities are able to investigate your situation.

Don't see an answer to your question?

Our Coinhub support team is here to help. Send us a text or call to 702.900.2037 or email us at info@coinhubatm.com for a same-day response. 

Please read through our detailed video Guides and FAQ pages before reaching out as most questions are answered within! 


To Buy Bitcoin at a Coinhub Bitcoin ATM you will Need:

Valid Identification

Only required for purchases greater than $2,000.

Mobile Phone

You will receive a one-time passcode while at the ATM.

Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency wallet QR code will be needed for our ATM to send to your correct wallet.

Valid Identification

Required for purchases greater than $2,000.

Mobile Phone

You will receive a one-time passcode while at the ATM.

Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency wallet QR code will be needed for our ATM to send to your correct wallet.

First time using a Bitcoin ATM?

Coinhub’s guides are very easy to follow and use. Watch us purchase cryptocurrency in under 2 minutes at a Coinhub Bitcoin ATM! No prior account needed, just go straight to the ATM to make your first purchase.

How to Purchase Bitcoin Tutorial. Find the Complete Guide Here:

First time using a Bitcoin ATM?

Coinhub’s guides are very easy to follow and use. Watch us purchase cryptocurrency in under 2 minutes at a Coinhub Bitcoin ATM! No prior account needed, just go straight to the ATM to make a first purchase.

How to Purchase Bitcoin Tutorial. Find the Complete Guide Here:

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