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Attention Law Enforcement:


The form below can be utilized by law enforcement to get in touch with the compliance and legal department of Coinhub. Please advise that we can assist you with any questions regarding our process, but cannot answer any questions directly involving customer accounts and/or transaction activity outside of a subpoena.

If you are attempting to assist a customer in regards to a transaction issue, please note the following: 

  • With proper subpoenas provided, Coinhub is able to provide information that is available to Coinhub regarding customer accounts and transactions to assist in its capable capacity. You can request a customer account, phone number, transaction, and wallet details. We may have security images taken from when a customer is in front of the machines, but there is no video evidence taken at the machines.  


Coinhub’s transaction process includes a confirmation of user information where the customer affirms that the information they provide is correct and accurate. This information is then used by Coinhub to create a contractual agreement for a purchase of cryptocurrency by the customer with Coinhub. Part of this contractual agreement which is reaffirmed by the customer at the time of purchase includes information regarding the amount of purchase, the wallet where Coinhub shall send funds which is required and affirmed to be owned and managed by the customer, phone number of the customer, as well as other information. Coinhub sends the agreed upon amount of cryptocurrency to the customer’s designated wallet at the time of purchase. Coinhub is able to provide this contractual information it has on the transactions. In the event that a customer misrepresents their information, including name, phone number, wallet address, or other, whether intentionally or unintentionally, and therefore such customer enters into a contractual agreement fraudulently due to the misinformation, Coinhub immediately blocks such users from facilitating future transactions at the time Coinhub’s compliance team is made aware of such an instance, as required by our AML/KYC policy and terms. If you would like to provide information regarding a customer which may be important to Coinhub to block a user from future transactions, such information is also accepted for inquiries and shall be thoroughly reviewed by Coinhub compliance. 

Coinhub adheres to all proper practices in minimizing issues for its customers in misrepresenting their information for which customers can do so in both intentional and accidental ways. These practices include requiring the entering of the user’s phone number on the ATM screen to then receive a text message with a code as two-factor authentication to re-verify their phone number information as being accurate, as well as reviewing on the ATM machine a list of possible issues and scams to eliminate or minimize such mistakes by users. Coinhub follows a strict and highly monitored compliance program to adhere to all regulations, including custom built software in monitoring transactions and users. Coinhub files all CTR and SAR reports in accordance with regulations and its policies. Coinhub does not offer custody services for any customer bitcoin wallets; and therefore, would not be able to retrieve any funds from the customer’s wallet that was provided or beneficiary designated wallet which was misrepresented and sent towards another parties address. We are able to help provide receipt information and accommodate with law enforcement requests within our capability; please note that we may only have information regarding the user and user transaction.     

Bitcoin wallets can either be hosted or un-hosted. 

  • Hosted wallets, such as accounts held at the crypto exchange Coinbase, are wallets where the company hosting the wallet keeps the customer’s Bitcoin in its custody. Typically, the wallet provider would collect identifying information about the wallet holder. 
  • Unhosted wallets are typically self-custodial wallets where the user maintains custody of the funds in the wallet themselves. Ownership information for such wallets are not easily available. 



For assistance, fill out the form below or email us directly with the relevant information to your case: compliance@coinhubatm.com

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